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Hello and thank you for joining in. My name is Jill and I am a life-long learner. This is my first foray into the blogging world and as I referenced in my blog name – under the right circumstances, I do believe anything is possible.

Research would define me as one of those students who left higher education for any one of a multitude of reasons (Astin, 1993) and I can affirm the very real possibility of my educational journey ending after two years as an undergraduate. Twenty years after my first experience with higher education I completed an undergraduate degree and ten years later a masters degree and now, ten years after that, I am on the homeward stretch of my EdD in higher education leadership. This very rewarding journey that almost never happened has led me to today and my reflections on the importance of student motivation as one of the  foundations of a successful educational experience.  We will be exploring technology and the role it can and does play in the success of our students.

This particular interest in Adult Education, and specifically the environment in which we learn, is motivated by my initial post-secondary experiences as an unengaged undergraduate, to my experience as an engaged graduate student. What was the difference between my undergraduate and postgraduate experiences? What optimal learning environment/experience inspired me during my post graduate education, and continues to inspire me today? Could technology have motivated me during my undergraduate years?


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