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Netflix Education

This article spoke to me in the first sentence in the first paragraph


According to education consultant Michael Horn,[1] college has a lot in common with “your cable TV package.”

And then

“Do we really need to run through these arguments again and point out that education is not merely a content delivery system? Did the great MOOC hype collapse not already expose this fiction?”

And finally

“It’s true, many fewer people would be interested in a four-year college experience if it didn’t come bundled with a degree. And yet, when you talk to students they will name dozens of other reasons they are glad to be in college: to grow as a person, to figure out what they want to do, to make friends and connections, to learn, to have fun, and yes, to go to football games.”

College is like life, something to be lived, experienced, and we can’t really predict or quantify the outcomes.”

This article warms my heart – but beyond that I think it provides a framework as to what our universities and higher education are offering – the marketplace and neo-liberal, entreprenurial approach loses the core context of higher education.

To me, this article is a reminder not to throw the baby out with the bathwater – even if the baby is a few centuries old – similar to developing curriculum – what are our objectives for higher education; and how can we incorporate the new technologies as support for what we do – do we still want to do that? and if not – what else?


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