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Modern Education

In the words of Elie Wiesel: “modern education has too often emphasized theories, not values; abstraction rather than lived reality; answers instead of questions; and know how, rather than know why” (Orr, D., p. 4). Addressing these concerns, Learning Reconsidered, a joint publication from NASPA and ACPA, proposed an argument for the integrated use of higher education’s resources as a holistic and transformative approach that blends the academic learning and student development. These processes have been considered separate and independent of each other but it is now understood that coupling the classroom experiences with the co-curricular experience will provide opportunities for the development of complex meaning and connection to the larger world of the student.


Orr, D. W. (1992). The problem of education. New Directions for Higher Education, 77, 3-4 -8.

NASPA, & ACPA. (2004). In Keeling R. P. (Ed.), Learning reconsidered: A campus-wide focus on the student experience.


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