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Changing Role of Education

As I work my way through  the forum posts many of us talk about our previous educational experiences with lack of engagement and the teacher as the scholar.   Moving forward I see the shift towards facilitators and building engaged environments.  For me, this quote pinpoints where education is going!

“We should be better at creating environments and opportunities that incubate and foster success for the sort, medium and long terms….We also need to be better at explaining and understanding how small parts integrate with the whole. After all, none of us want to lose sight of the forest by becoming too focussed on the tress” (Alexander, 2011, p. 6).


Alexander, B. (2011). We Need to Be Better Success Centres and Communities. Paper presented at the The University Commons – A dialogue on the future of university education in Canada, Montreal. http://www.aucc.ca/future-avenir/


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